Wedding Photography is no easy subject and picking a wedding photographer that suits all your needs can be a daunting task. Careful research regarding skill, style and professionalism are extra important when choosing your photographer.

Step one: Choose your style.

Go back to all those Pinterest pins and Instagram saves you’ve piled up over the years. Refer magazines and catalogues if required and pick some styles of photography that appeals most to you and your partner.

Step two: The hunt:

Browse your local listings to find photographers near you. Check out portfolios of photographers to find one that matches the styles you have picked. Go through their websites, Instagram feeds to see if the pictures look like what you have in mind.

Step three: Feedback:

Check out the feedback and reviews from former clients to get an idea of the photographer’s personality and professionalism. Are they dedicated and passionate? Are they friendly and easy to work with? The reviews and comments will help you get an idea about these concerns.

Step four: Experience:

It is important to hire an experienced photographer who has previously worked on similar projects. Find out how many times they have worked specifically as a wedding photographer and how many weddings they have shot.

Step five: Budget:

Check if your prospective photographer will fit within your wedding budget. Check their rates and make sure they are worth the money. Compare packages of different photographers to get a better picture.

Step six: Interview:

 It is very important that you talk to your potential photographers. Once you have done your filtering with respect to the above points, ring them up to check if they will be available on your date. If they’re not, ask for other photographers of similar styles they would suggest. If they are available, schedule a meeting so that you can discuss further.

Step seven: The meeting:

Make sure to ask them to bring entire albums they have previously shot so that you can get a clearer picture. Discuss with them their available packages, equipment used, and make sure they will be available for your full wedding day. Check about the additional charges if the agreed number of hours is exceeded.

Step eight: Post Production:

 Ask them about the number of images and the resolution you can expect them in. Discuss the additional costs of retouching, colour correction and special effects. Confirm that you will receive a finished and professional product and not unfinished images straight from the camera. Also, discuss the time it will take for you to receive the finished product. Anywhere between 3 weeks and 6 months can be considered reasonable.

Once you are satisfied with all your concerns and you’ve chosen a Photographer who will cater to your needs, it is important that you remember that the photographer is the pro. Give them an idea of what images you’d like to be captured and let them do their thing. This blog post gives helpful tips for bridal party photography.