I love photography and I always wanted to showcase my work. However, as I did not have adequate experience as a photographer I did not know who will give the opportunity to showcase my work. I started looking for some platforms that would allow me to post my photos and get some visibility. The idea is to get some photography assignments through that. I kept searching for such opportunities and that is when I came across this photo contests website.

Until then I did not think of taking part in the photo contests. However, as soon as I came across this contests website I decided to take part in one of the contests. I found many contests listed there and I checked whether there would be any contest that matched my level of expertise, something for the beginner. I was surprised to see so many options. I quickly checked whether I had to pay anything to use this website, to take part in the contest or whether there are any memberships required. To my surprise again there was no payment to be made. All the contests listed there were free photo contests. Most interestingly, these contests came with cash prizes. I immediately joined some of the contests. Initially I did not win these contests but I learnt a lot from every contest. I got valuable feedback from the judges. This did a lot of good for me to improve my skills.

Slowly I picked up the art, thanks to my patience and also to this website which gave me the idea to take part in photo contests. This platform lists only authentic or genuine contests and I can confidently click on the contests listed here. Once I knew about the contests I started exploring online for more such contests and to my disappointment many of the similar sites just listed some outdated contests and many of the links took me to some dubious sites. That is when I realized that I was lucky to have found this website right in my first attempt. I stopped exploring further. I do not use any other website not to find my photo contests because this website is updated daily and all the latest contests are featured here. I do not miss any contest in my category. Of course I do not win all the contests that I participate in, now I select my contests carefully. I have the option to review easily everything from just a single source. I know just as I am enjoying the services of this website free of cost there are hundreds of photographers who do not know about this site but still looking for something realisable. I will be happy to recommend this source if you are looking for dependable online sources for taking part in online competitions. I am extremely happy that I am now a decent photographer with some decent skills. I now make my living out of photography. Everything started here in this website.