A website is one of the best marketing tools for a photographer. But most photographers are yet to realize the opportunities available for them when it comes to making a reliable income online. Many will only use their websites to advertise their services online in the form of photo-shoot packages. You may be able to make a living selling these packages but you are leaving so much more money on the table.

Uploading high resolution copies of your photos on your website and making it easier for people to buy the images directly on the website, is one of the ways you can offset the cost of putting up the website. You might even be able to make a little bit of profit on the side.

But there are several ways for you to make money from your photographs online. They include the following profitable options;

  1. Sell Stock Photos

Stock photography is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to selling your photos online. That’s because stock photos are always in demand by designers, advertisers, publishers and bloggers. The beauty about selling stock photography is that you can sell photos in just about any genre.

  1. Sell a Travel eBook

If you have a lot of photos of one location, you can put them together in an eBook that you can sell a guide. You would be surprised how many people especially tourists who could find your eBook very useful.

  1. Sell Photos of Local Events Online

One of the bestselling photographs are those depicting a local event in a different way. People who attended the event would be very happy to purchase photos that will remind them of the best attractions.  You can upload the photos to websites like Pixieset.com who handle all the printing and shipping for you.

  1. Put Your Photos on a Greeting Car

Seasonal gift cards also provide you with a great option to sell your images. There are two ways you can do this; you can pitch the idea to gift card companies or create them yourself and sell them on online stores like Etsy.

  1. Teach photography

On top of selling your photos you can make extra cash sharing your expertise on how to take great photographs. In fact, creating online tutorials to help aspiring photographer learn the basics of great photography is one of the most lucrative ways to make money from your skill. It will however require a lot of time spent creating the courses, finding your audience and teaching. You can choose to offer the courses online or locally.

  1. Edit Photos

If you know your way around photo editing software, you can easily advertise your services and edit other photographers’ work for a fee. This might even provide you with an opportunity to work for publications that may someday be interested in your work. You can easily search the many online job boards for photo editing opportunities. They offer a great way to make additional income.