The company Skylum – previously known as MacPhun – has launched the first major update of its photo editing software, Luminar Jupiter 2018, one of the alternatives to the well-known Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. It’s available for Mac making it as the best photo editing software for Mac.

It has undergone a profound redesign

The current version of Luminar has undergone a profound redesign since the 2017 version, not only with respect to its interface, but especially in terms of its speed of process (one of the weak points of this software, but also of many of its competitors). In the new Luminar update, the firm once again emphasizes the speed improvements, which according to the company are up to a factor of 12x in some aspects. Skylum talks about a great improvement in practically all areas of the editor, which makes the program respond with greater speed, from the opening of images to the application of all kinds of processing filters.

Some new improvements

The RAW development module (included in the application) also includes new improvements, such as automatic corrections of distortion or chromatic aberrations. A new interpolation algorithm that allows obtaining “cleaner” images of the RAW conversion is also part of the list of new features. In addition, there is talk of a significant acceleration of the RAW import times, up to 5 times higher than in the previous version. Similar to the latest Adobe updates, the profile management has also been renewed, and now – in addition to the default profile used in Luminar – it is possible to work with DCP profiles -DNG Camera Profile-.

In total, 300 performance improvements included

Skylum details that, in total, up to 300 performance improvements have been included in the new update of Luminar 2018 Jupiter, which have been developed by its team in the past three months. Although there are still important differences with the Adobe versions with which it tries to compete, the company is making outstanding efforts to offer an increasingly complete product, with the advantage of still offering a single payment for its software and not a system based on payment by subscription.

A really professional photo editor for Mac

It is presented as a professional photo editor that anyone without great knowledge in image editing can learn to handle with ease. This is a software for Mac that offers adjustment functions and photo retouching that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding users.

A program to edit and retouch images of extraordinary features.

It is endowed with the latest technology for photo processing created by Skylum. The company has also been evolving this product for more than 10 years. At the same time, we are used to the fact that large image processing programs require advanced user knowledge. However, one of the virtues of this software is that it is not exactly like that: with a very simple and diaphanous interface it gives access to all its functions with simple menus where you can quickly find what is needed.

These are the main features and functions that the program offers:

– Adaptive user interface.
– Non-destructive edition: generate new files and undo whenever you need it.
– Differentiated work spaces.
– RAW images support.
– Dozens of layers and filters to apply.
– Processed black and white.
– Deleting objects from the image.
– Touch screens support.

At the same time we have to have another detail that makes it very competitive, as is its price. This has led to a battle Luminar vs Lightroom of Adobe, where the creature of Skylum wins thanks to which it is possible to get its full or pro version for less than 100 dollars. A bargain if we take into account the result that is capable of offering, making it suitable to work in any project with professional purpose.