Capturing the miracle of pregnancy by taking pictures of the growing baby bump is such a great idea. Pregnancy photography is all about capturing your love for your unborn baby who you are nurturing for 9 months. The captured pictures will tell your child how much he was loved before he even entered the world.

Pregnancy photography has grown tremendously over the years. Almost all the expectant mums want to capture these memorable moments. Having a perfect maternity shoot is the dream of every mom-to-be. Here are some tips to make your maternity shoot an excellent one.

  1. The right time matters

Taking your pregnancy photographs at the right time is essential. The best time is between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy. Moms who are expecting multiples or who have complications in their pregnancy or mothers who plan to deliver early may have their maternity photographs a bit earlier. So if you are in these categories of moms-to-be, then you should schedule your session sooner so that you don’t miss out.

  1. Maternity accessories

Both the mom and dad can decide to bring along some few items for the shoot. These items can include tiny shoes, clothes, ribbons, or an object with the baby’s name if the parents already know the gender of the baby.

Whatever item the mom decides to carry, the photographer should get creative with them. You should focus on both the mom and the accessory. If the mom has tiny shoes, you can take images in different poses with the shoes.

  1. Choose the wardrobe carefully

Wardrobe can play an important role in making the pictures excellent and adding an overall experience of the session. You can discuss the wardrobe with your photographer. Clothes such as dresses which are tight to the body or shirts are excellent for maternity sessions. This is because they tend to highlight the bump more.

You can also try heels even though they are not recommended so long as you have extra shoes to rest in between the sessions. You can also do the session with your belly open. The mom should choose whichever wardrobe she likes so long as she feels comfortable.

  1. The posture

It’s natural for mums-to-be to touch their bellies during a maternity session. Just ensure that you vary your hand positions. Hands can go top, bottom, or on top of the other especially the left hand on top.

If you are taking the photographs as a couple, you can start by facing each other while the outside hand embracing the belly. You can also pose for the photo while looking down, looking at each other, or have the dad looking at the belly while the mum looks at the camera.

  1. The location

When it comes to maternity photography location, there are various options that you can choose from. You can go for the outdoor location such as beaches or open fields [during sunsets], or you can choose to do sessions indoors.

You can also take advantage of the stunning natural landmarks around your place. Regardless of the location that you choose, comfort should be your priority.