No matter what the event, you want the best photographer to capture the moments in the best possible manner. Hiring the wrong photographer not only costs you money but you are devoid of the memories that could have been cherished later.

Here are some tips that can help you find and hire the best photographer

Define your Requirement

The first thing is to define your requirement. Are you looking for wedding photographer or a family photographer? Do you want someone that can take baby photos? The right photographer would be one that specializes in a particular domain. You can choose a specialist photographer to get the best photos as he/she would know the way to take the best photos.

Files or Print

Are you looking for the final products as a digital file or as a printed album? There could be some photographers that are better at providing albums while others could be good at digital files.

Whatever, the requirement, you must mention it before hand so that the photographer is comfortable in providing it.

Have a website

Does the photographer that you are hiring have a website? While this might sound unusual as a requirement to find the photographer, it is essential. In the present digital age, one needs to have web presence where he/she can portray his/her talent, get reviews and suggestions from clients and even take orders.

Check out the website of a few photographers. See what type of website they have. Is it too flashy or too subtle? Does the website showcase varied photos giving you and others an idea of his/her talent?

Check out the website like that of Mariah Milan Photography that showcases its portfolio so well.


Every person’s persona is different and that showcases in the photographs that he/she takes. Does your personality matches with that of the photographer or clashes?  Are you impressed with his/her persona or would you like someone that has a matching personality?


Many of you would think that photography is something that does not require too much of knowledge. Anyone with an interest in photography can take up professional photography. However, this is not the case entirely.

True, that one can learn the nuances of photography by attending a few sessions at a prominent studio. However, to be a perfectly professional photographer, one must have thorough knowledge about the cameras, lighting, printing and other related aspects.

Choose a photographer that has this type of knowledge and the experience to get the best photos.


While some learn photography diligently, others have the knack of doing it. Having the talent to take some very good photos is interesting. One can even hone his/her talent and make it better.

You must choose a photographer that has the talent and the zeal to keep learning something new with each project.


Choose a photographer that can best understand your requirement and your ideas and can implement them in the best possible manner. Finding such a photographer might take time but it worth the effort as the moments that you want him/her to capture might never return.